Why Aspire Recruiting?


In terms of talent, tech is hot. Well-trained, highly skilled people are drawn to tech, where the challenges are exciting—and the reward potential is high.


But how can startups and smaller companies compete with big organizations like Salesforce, Google, and Facebook to find the best candidates for their businesses? How can companies working in the “less sexy” corners of tech still get the best talent for their needs?


Aspire Recruiting searches for hard-to-find candidates. We know that locating someone with a unique or specialized skill set takes a unique and specialized type of recruiting. Any good recruiter can identify active candidates who are looking. But the real trick is to engage and intrigue passive candidates and bring them to the interviewing table.


Here’s what we do:


  • Focus on your needs—we collaborate with our clients, supplementing in-house recruiting resources or providing full recruiting services.  This relationship offers flexibility so that as you grow, we help you keep pace with your needs.
  • Specialize—we work personally with a select number of clients, mostly smaller tech companies who have difficult or unique recruiting challenges.
  • Frame your story, sell your opportunity—finding candidates is just the first step. In this competitive market, it’s critical to engage passive candidates and help them hear—and appreciate—your story. The right story can make you competitive (even with the big tech firms).
  • Deep industry knowledge—our clients choose us because of our knowledge of their industries.  We research the other key players in your field to determine where the best people—with the skill set you need—are currently working.
  • Screen the candidates—when we present a candidate to you, we know they’re a good fit—and we give you the information you need to determine that for yourself.  We provide more than just a resume: current compensation, availability for interviews, and our assessment of the candidate—it’s all there in the submission so you can tell at a glance whether you want to meet this applicant.


Here’s what we don't do:


  • Bombard you with candidates—it’s not a numbers game; we offer quality over quantity.
  • Don’t send you “guess-work” candidates—when we send you an applicant, their value is obvious and we can make a strong case for their potential.
  • Hand you off to junior recruiters—we work with you directly.


Aspire to hire the best


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