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Top performers at their former recruiting agencies, Aspire’s founders chose to start their own boutique search firm guided by a simple philosophy:


Earn our client’s trust by providing high-quality candidates and service.





Jon Chintanaroad (Managing Director) is responsible for client satisfaction. He founded Aspire Recruiting with his long-time colleague, Mike Prestano.  Jon believes client satisfaction results from the recruiter recognizing and focusing on the client’s needs—even those not explicitly stated. Jon holds a B.S. in Communications and Economics from UC Davis.





Mike Prestano (Lead Recruiter) manages candidate engagement. He researches the client’s unique industry, products, and competitors. This allows Mike to pinpoint and recruit targeted candidates who possess the precise skills and experience needed for a client’s hard-to-fill position. His recruiting approach: low-volume, high-quality. Mike holds a B.S. in Business Administration, Management from San Jose State University.






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