We get it: You’re successful, innovative and need the best talent you can get to keep it that way. Here’s how we help you do that:





We’re not a traditional “corporate recruiting firm.”  We’re like you: small, focused, and we love what

we do.



We know you need to find people who already have the skills and can ramp up quickly. Because we’ve already done our homework, we know where the talent in your industry

is located; our job is to engage those who are the best fit and bring them to the interview table.


Engage passive candidates

Often the top candidates for your position aren’t looking—but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be interested. There’s a strategy to approaching “passive” candidates and beginning a career conversation—we pride ourselves on being particularly skillful at connecting with this type of individual.



We don’t bombard you with resumes.  We bring you pre-screened candidates who already understand the opportunity, and we build a working relationship with them throughout the process, so there are no surprises during the interview or offer phase.


Craft a compelling story

It’s not enough to pick the right candidate—they have to pick you, too. We understand how competitive the marketplace is—but we also know that people are motivated by a variety of drivers. We make sure your company’s story is compelling and attractive, highlighting what you offer over the competition.




Aspire to hire the best


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